Wednesday 27 May 2020
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2020 Africa Holiday Guide: Top Countries to Visit

2020 Africa Holiday Guide: Top Countries to Visit

As the curtain is slowly coming down on 2019, a new year is waiting to welcome us. Some might be making plans on how best they will spend the year especially when it comes to travelling and experiencing different environments, marveling at the beauty of mother nature earth while learning new cultures and forming relationships with new people. The place to be if you are one of the people mentioned above is the amazing continent of Africa. This guide gives you some of the places you can use to relax and enjoy nature in Africa.

  1. Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)
A group of wild zebras running in Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary (Swaziland)

The tiny country of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland is the most underrated and least visited nations in Southern Africa. Despite it having relatively low tourism figures as compared to other Southern African nations, tourists ought to know that Eswatini has so much to offer just like its neighbours when it comes to beautiful scenery and legendary wildlife. Eswatini is home to numerous parks and reserves that provide one exciting revelation after another be it mind blowing rhino encounters, whitewater rafting, trekking or zip lining. In the mix, visitors also do have the chance to partake in enthralling cultural festivities that run throughout the year.


Just like Eswatini, Liberia is mostly underrated when it comes to tourism but Liberia has so much in store for tourists. Visitors who prefer basking under the sun, feeling the cool ocean breezes can have their dreams turned into reality when they visit Robertsport, a vast stretch of idyllic beaches washed by some of West Africa’s best surf. For those who prefer adventure, there is the Sapo National Park, the second largest area of primary rainforest in West Africa. Visitors who take time to visit Sapo National Park will get to wander around in the park and stand a chance of seeing Liberia’s famous pygmy hippos, forest elephants and chimpanzees. The beauty of the Sapo National Park is that it is being preserved for future generations as a groundbreaking development deal was signed by the government of Liberia and Norway to halt all deforestation activities by 2020.

3. Morocco

Visitors to Morocco are spoilt for choice when they enter the country. Foodies will find great pleasure in the restaurants mushroomed inside most towns and cities serving seasonal produce as well as coastal cuisine. Tourists who are more into cultural material will find great pleasure when they visit the time-honoured attractions found in most cities and towns including Fez, Tetouan, Meknes, Essaouira and Marrakesh which is soon to become Africa’s first capital of culture. Visitors who prefer mixing and mingling with the locals while learning new languages and culture will enjoy adventures in the Berber mountain villages. For those who prefer spending time in serene and peaceful environments far away from the busy streets, will find  the Atlantic beaches or the far-flung desert outposts most appealing. Moving from one attraction to another is now easy thanks to improved road and rail infrastructure. Morocco recently released Africa’s first high-speed train which means one can travel from Casablanca to Tangier in just two hours.

4. South Africa

South Africa for so long has attracted a large number of tourists because it offers so much to those who take time to visit its attractions. The best city to visit in South Africa is Cape Town. As stated by a travel advisor and concierge at Ovation Travel Group, Limor Decter, “The warm mild climate makes Cape Town a fantastic destination…The views of the ocean and the fantastic botanical gardens make this cosmopolitan city a most worthwhile place to visit all year long.” Cape Town is perfect for oenophiles looking to taste the wine from Cape Town’s wine distilleries, luxury travelers looking to stroll through the lush Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden as well as families looking to bond by spending time together picnicking atop the Table Mountain which affords a terrific view of the city, the nearby Atlantic Ocean and the southern part of the Cape of Good Hope.

5.Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo does not offer diverse tourist attractions. However, the one main attraction that it offers is quite diverse in its own right. The Virunga National Park is the pride of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The national park is one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet. The Virunga National Park is great for adventurers who would like to trek inside this thick lush rainforest where they stand a chance of spotting gorillas!