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Sunday 18 March 2018
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Africa’s Hidden Treasure: Trump in for coal based climate change plan

Donald Trump wants to clean up America on his own terms, going green while growing jobs in “dirty” sectors of the economy. He...

Its People vs. Power as Africans haul their leaders to court

Across the continent, tyrants are being held accountable not by global justice, but in courts a long way from the Hague. It’s not just...

Hi-tech coal-fired stations: a possible solution for the African continent

Last month, a feud in Canberra over the rising cost of power and a switch away from carbon fuel had the prime minister fighting to keep his...

THUD – Africa is open for business and there are plenty of opportunities

  Is it a boom?  Is it a bang?  It is actually a THUD, that is energizing entrepreneurship on the African continent.  The Hook Up...