Sunday 19 January 2020
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The steady rise of Mudzipurwa’s KIMSTAN Entertainment

The steady rise of Mudzipurwa’s KIMSTAN Entertainment

Sheldon Adelson, chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands, the largest casino company in the US is one of the most influential businesspeople in America.

Boasting of a net worth of around $37.7 billion (as at November 2019), his life story is an apt summation of the adage from rags to riches.

Life was unbearable in the tough neighbourhood of Boston where he shared a single room tenement with his parents and three siblings.

Things spiralled out of control when his parents died 11 days apart in 1985 leaving him and his siblings to struggle to irk a living.

“I am not talking from a white shoe background but I am talking as somebody who wore his skin down on his fingers trying to climb the ladder of success,” he said in a 2010 ‘Nightline’ interview.

Forbes magazine notes that Adelson rose from selling newspapers on a Boston street corner to owning $14 billion (sales) gambling empire, which has casinos in Las Vegas, Singapore and Macao, China.

Success does not always come on a silver platter as the case of Adelson has shown.

On the African continent, an emerging Zimbabwean has had to fight off a tough background and is steadily making strides towards the apex.

Zimbabwean nascent businessman and Chief Executive Officer of KIMSTAN Entertainment’s life story is one characterised by a blood-spattered fight with a vicious background that was the personification of brutality.

The 29 year old hails from Mutare about 254km from Zimbabwe’s capital city Harare.

He was born and bred in the dusty streets of Daure village under chief Marange in Mutare where the futures of young people are habitually strangled to death by wretched poverty which is often married to a fatal lack of focus among some of the youths.

However, Mudzipurwa who attended Mweyamutsvene High School in Mutare for his Ordinary level in 2007 sought to be different from his peers.

“Life was not easy back then but I did not what my background to deter me from attaining my goals so I toiled day and night to shrug off poverty,” said the soft spoken Mudzipurwa.

After completing his O level, Mudzipurwa studied for a Diploma in Electrical installation which he completed in 2010.

This qualification was the first major step towards the attainment of a dream whose reality he had always wanted to be a part of- being part of the entertainment industry.

“Growing up, I was nicknamed Dhiriri by my peers because of my prowess in playing instruments and from this a tender age I vowed to join in the entertainment sector and do what my heart beats for,” he said.

In 2016, KIMTA Entertainment, an entertainment company specialising in providing PA system and confectionary services was born.

The road was not easy for the newly born organisation as it was a new player in a highly competitive industry but with perseverance, hard work and undying support from his wife, Kumbirai, the company grew from strength to strength.

During its formative years, Mudzipurwa would play for free at various functions or charge meagre payments as he sought to penetrate the market.

These benevolent acts coupled by the good sound quality produced by his machines endeared him to many people which saw his client base soaring.

KIMSTAN Entertainment has now blossomed from an organisation that used to have a mere one powered hybrid amplifier and two speakers to an equipment rich entity boasting of crossovers, amplifiers (europower, soundcrest brands), codeless microphones, mid speakers, bass speakers and mic stands.

Mudzipurwa is itching to venture into music recording as well as acquire live streaming equipment as he seeks to continue adding value to KIMSTAN Entertainment.