Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Top White Water Rafting spots in Africa

Top White Water Rafting spots in Africa

As we approach the summer season, we draw nearer to the most adventurous time in Africa. Summer is the perfect time to camp, hike the rough and steep mountains, take long walks while sightseeing what Africa has to offer both flora and fauna.

These are all incredible summer time activities one can partake in Africa but in terms of pure adrenaline rush and electrifying adventure nothing beats the thrill of white water rafting. Africa is abundant with some of the world’s most exotic white water rafting spots and these are going to be explored here.

How would you like to experience the most satisfying of white water rafts on the base of one of the world’s seven natural wonders? Yes, you can make this unforgettable memory on the Zambezi River with its magnificent class V rapids. Zambezi River, downstream from the majestic Victoria Falls, separates Zimbabwe and Zambia. Zambezi River white water rafts consist of both oars and paddle rafting. You will be accompanied by a well drilled guide when journeying in your rafting adventure. The Zambezi River rafts are not only awe-inspiring in terms of huge waves but also in terms of water creatures (crocodiles and hippos) which you are likely to stumble upon in your adventure. The best time experience on this river is in the period between September and February.

Arguably the world’s longest river, Nile River provides a great spot for white water rafting in Africa during the summer. A trip to this world famous river during late September to late January will no doubt leave you tongue-tied. Nile River has it all making, it’s the perfect spot for both the less and more adventurous folks. It has some flat and open sections (class III rapids) and also daring, dangerous almost unnavigable class V rapids for the more adventurous. Nile River white water rafting covers a whooping 6,650 kilometres and he highest height that you will drop is 12 feet! Definitely not for the faint hearted.

When you are looking for the most visually stunning (river and surrounding landscape) white water rafting spot in Africa, then look no further than the Omo River located on the Sudanese border. The Omo River flows from the Ethiopian plateau into the plains of Sudan and in the process creating a scenic rafting spot surrounded by hardy shrubs and semi tropical vegetation. The Omo River has class IV and V rapids which are punctuated by deep canyons and natural water slides. However the rafting section in the Omo River does not stretch longer in comparison to other spots as it only runs for 760 kilometres.

If you love multitasking (rafting and taking a scenic coastal walk in a day) Cape Town, South Africa will be the perfect holiday destination. The Molenaars River provides some fantastic class IV rapids during the peak rainfall season and it is a few kilometres from Muizenberg Beach. The river flows only after rainfall in its catchment area but when it does, the narrow and rocky channels will provide the best white water rafting experience. When it comes to Molenaars River, there is no definite time to say when you can find the river flowing but if lady luck is on your side and it does rain when you are in the area you will be in for treat of a lifetime. The length of the rafting section in Molenaars River is 7 kilometres.

For those who love floating in water, the Ahansal River in Morocco will work just fine for you. Perfect for family white water rafting, the Ahansal River has some gentle rapids which allow for paddling. Enjoy rafting in Africa’s bluest river while you admire the endless Sahara desert. While journeying, your ears will be filled by the screeching sounds from monkeys’ habitant in the scattered bushy thuya conifers. The Ahansal River has class II and III rapids and the rafting section covers a distance of 80 kilometres. The perfect time to travel to Ahansal River is between January and March.

For the best African experience, take a journey down these beautiful rivers and explore what Africa has to offer.