Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Africa’s Top 5 affordable holiday packages

Africa’s Top 5 affordable holiday packages

As we head towards the festive period, the northern hemisphere recedes into the dark, cold, and short days of winter.

In Africa however, the continent starts to stretch out its arms warmly embracing the bright, sunny, and long days of summer. Activity is high, the festive season is in full swing, beaches are at the sunniest, and game viewing is at its peak.

The summer season, especially in December, is when things get electric in Africa. The people are full of joy, waiting for the holidays and the climate is at its best; sunny and hot while from time to time there are occasional showers and storms to cool things down while giving life to the vast plains, jungles and the meandering rivers of Africa.

It is also during this time that great wildlife migrations take place. As fresh grass cover the Serengeti plains all the way down to the Kalahari Desert, large herds of different big animals migrate from one region to another offering a beautiful spectacle to the many safari travellers who come to watch. From Cape to Cairo, different species of birds (some migratory) fill the air with blissful songs and colour.

Acacia trees that are sparsely dotted along the plains of Africa stand tall and green, casting a welcome shade over safari picnics.

Coastal areas are full of activity. The Atlantic Ocean at one end gives the continent white sandy beaches perfect for picnicking and viewing the rolling and gentle waves. The Indian Ocean doubles this providing great scuba diving spots for the adventurous.

Safari and Beach- Southern Africa (Tanzania and Mozambique)

Ever spent your Christmas lying under a gently waving palm tree with some sunrays slipping through the shade to warm up your body. If you have not, then you should definitely do it, it’s one of the most refreshing experiences you will ever get. Choose your beach carefully and you can easily find yourself at a not so touristy beach where only the singing birds and occasional waves fill the air with sound.

Southern Africa offers a unique experience, from the quiet and calm beach environment, wake up to roars, groans, and moans of the African jungle in just a couple of days. A combined package of Tanzania and Mozambique holidays makes this possible.

The beaches are off the coast of Mozambique Quirimbas Archipelago and you can round off your trip with a game viewing experience in the Tanzanian jungles.

Off the beaten track- East Africa (Kenya)

It is always a good feeling to tour the most natural places, places that have not been tainted by modern developments. This is what Kenya gives you, a natural, dangerous holiday perfect for the adventurous.

The rains falling during the summer make Kenya’s Selous and Ruaha reserve green, thick and dangerous. The rains bring life to the jungle, wildlife starts to roam around in search of green grass, predators begin their hunting expeditions, and different species of reptiles emerge from their underground habitats in search of some heat while migratory birds flock in search of the rains and food. All this provide a good viewing experience for you the traveller.

Your tour of Kenya kicks off with the Selous and Ruaha reserves. Dozens of lodges are present where you can reside in Kenya’s green forests. If you still have some energy, you can make the trip up to the Congo’s where you climb the incredible Mahale Mountains for Chimpanzee trekking.

Sands of the Kalahari- Southern Africa (Botswana)

December is the month of Kalahari’s annual show. The once-baked earth turns green, powder dry rivers and ponds are full of water, beasts and birds, a zeal of zebras snort their way to the lush fresh grazing, springboks give birth to adorable wobbly-legged lambs en masse, large herds of the buffalo and the wildebeest roam around while predators (hyenas, wild dogs, cheetahs, leopards, lions) hunt for food.

One thing you must not forget on your trip to the Kalahari is your camera. Make sure you also carry with you plenty of batteries. Your tour of the Kalahari sees you touring these magical places, the Makgadikgadi Safari, Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Dessert itself.

All-inclusive trip- Southern Africa (South Africa)

Any traveller who has searched holiday destinations in Africa will most certainly have come across South Africa.

South Africa’s own ‘Mother City’ i.e. Cape Town was named the ‘World’s Best City’ in 2014 by the Telegraph Travel Awards a position it retains until this day. This on its own shows that Cape Town is Africa’s best-loved travel destination.

Your trip starts with a tour of the Garden Route, an easy drive from Cape Town to KwaZulu Natal. The journey takes you across white sand beaches, warm waters, tropical beaches, game reserves, wetland parks and coral reefs.

Ancient Africa Tour- North Africa (Egypt)

Egypt has a special position not only in Africa’s history but also in world history.

That is where writing started with hieroglyphics and where paper started with papyrus. In addition, this is where some of the tallest structures of the ancient world lie in the form of pyramids.To learn more about these pieces of history and others, embark on a journey to Egypt.

The Ancient Africa Tour takes you to most places of historical significance in Egypt. These include the Great Sphinx of Giza, Mosque of Muhammed Ali, the Egyptian Museum, the Hanging Church, Colossi of Memnon, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and Temple of Isis on Philae.