Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Africa:Ways to create employment through technology

Africa:Ways to create employment through technology

Muzinda Hub is one of Zimbabwe’s first technological hub that provides a one-stop shop for idea development and innovative solutions.


Muzinda was part of the recently held Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by the United States President Barack Obama in Nairobi, Kenya in recognition of their good work performed on the ground. Bernard Juru represented the company in Nairobi on roundtable discussions alongside various innovative delegates from across Africa on ways to create employment through technology.

“I am the Training Coordinator for Muzinda Hub in Zimbabwe. We have a unique program which started in 2014 after we identified globally that IT skills where becoming more critical within organizations” he said.“Therefore there is a need for talent to plug into that skills gap. Almost any job now requires ICT skills and only about 46% of companies are investing in the development of digital skills” he acknowledged.

“When we started this program we recruited 1000 youths across the country. We are also tackling the challenge of unemployment in the process because we target unemployed graduates in our recruitment and this training takes 6 months for one to complete” he added.

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Muzinda facilitates student’s entrepreneurial and digital skills training then places them at various organisations that outsource the building of apps and websites through the Muzinda brand. “Through the US Embassy I was selected to represent the company because of this project we are working on” Juru added.

“It feels great to be part of this wave of young entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities. I have learnt over the years that the definition of success is looking out for a need and going out to meet that need” said Juru “I learnt a lot that Kenya’s emergence as a leading ecosystem in entrepreneurship is no accident but Kenya’s tech ecosystem is arguably the most vibrant and fastest growing in Africa” he added.

IT has been boosted by Kenya’s economy to become the east African hub. “There is a huge interest in investing in Kenya. I managed to visit the two best Hubs in Kenya, namely Nai Lab and I Hub,” he said.

Muzinda Hub’s Chief Executive Officer Tendai Mashingaidze also echoed that their innovations are a way of advancing people’s knowledge. “The overall goal is to create economic opportunities for Zimbabwean youth while solving some of the key social, environmental and economic challenges” he said.

Awareness of enterprise as a sustainable source of livelihood by promoting collaboration amongst entrepreneurs and innovators through technological innovations” Mashingaidze said.
“This can be achieved by offering mainstream services and products to other mainstream players and mentorships are very important for any aspiring entrepreneur in these competitive industries” he added.

“Outside Zimbabwe, particularly in the east and west part of Africa there is a huge growth in the ICT sector. It is fair to assume that growth trends will extend to Southern Africa on the basis that the technical skills are available” Mashingaidze added.

One of the resolutions of the GES summit was a commitment that the US government and its various partners will increase investment to women and the youth with up to US$1 billion. Juru sees this effort as making a positive impact and a difference across the continent. “Africa is known as having the youngest youth population in the world and I’m sure with the right attitude the young business people will make it” he added.

“Kenya is a beautiful country, you can feel the energy and vibe across the people. They have some very interesting developments taking place. Besides being stuck in traffic, I really enjoyed my stay. The people are very friendly and welcoming. I also enjoyed seeing the largest slumps in Africa in Kibera (Nairobi)”

“There is need for us to collaborate in our businesses especially as young entrepreneurs” Bernard Juru agrees with President Barack Obama.