Wednesday 27 May 2020
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Book A Trip To Africa’s Best Beaches: It’s Summer Time

Book A Trip To Africa’s Best Beaches: It’s Summer Time


AFRICA has often been associated with countless negative narratives since time immemorial.

To some, it is that dark continent haunted by bloody wars, ravaged by unrelenting hunger and a permanent home to some of the world’s deadliest pestilences.

While the assertions might be true to a certain extent, it is folly for one to conclude that good and Africa can never be written in the same sentence.

The continent is pregnant with astounding, jaw dropping tourist resorts which underline the continent’s position as a trusted tourist destination.

“From the wind-tickled shores of the Seychelles to the haunting, seal-dappled coast of Namibia, the continent’s sandy fringe is varied and dramatic,” according to the website of American owned media house, Cable News Network.

To cement this point, below is a list of some of Africa’s most remarkable beaches that can make a visitor’s vacation memorable.
When one thinks of beautiful surf, more often than not, he or she may not quickly think of Africa but the motherland is home to paradisiacal stretches of sand and water, whether on the Atlantic or Indian Oceans, or even near freshwater lakes.

These amazing beaches span from the Ivory Coast to the Seychelles, and all the way down to the rainbow nation of South Africa.

Tsarabanjina beach: Madagascar

Located off the coast of Madagascar near Nosy Be, this small peaceful island is home to dreamy turquoise waters and powdery sand. Unlike other beaches, this one is less crowded as it is only accessible via boat.
The beach is known for its: “Laid back atmosphere, barefoot chic, intimate retreat, eco-friendly, unspoilt Madagascan Island surrounded by azure water; the resort offer chic Robinson Crusoe style experience,” according to the Constance hotels website.

Watamu beach: Kenya

Watamu is a small peaceful village nestled between pristine beaches and lush tropical rainforest on the Kenya coast town. It is located approximately 105 km north of Mombasa and roughly 15 km south of Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. Whether it is a family holiday, a romantic getaway with a loved one or a wild coastal adventure, Watamu is the place to be.

Anse Source d’Argent: Seychelle

This is one of the most popular beaches on the globe. It has also been celebrated as one of the most photographed beaches in the world and has been the star of many movies, adverts and television shows.
This is mainly attributed to its pure white sand and unique boulders.
The crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine sand are truly breath-taking and it is easy to spot fish swimming in the shallow around the reef without so much as a mask or snorkel.
“Picture yourself paradise – and chances are it looks a lot like this,” according to the resort’s website.

Nungwi beach: Zanzibar

With unimaginably turquoise water and practically untouched sand, Nguwi beach is the personification of perfection.
It is decorated by a combination of whitewashed and palm thatched cottages in rich tropical gardens.
The luxurious gardens drop down onto one of the finest and most well-preserved beaches on the island, which in turn is fringed by a wide and thriving coral reef.

Its innumerable pathways are shaded by stylish palms, creating soft sun-dappled walkways between beach and banda, balcony and bar.
The beautiful scenery leaves visitors starry-eyed and drooling.

Anse Georgette: Seychelles

Anse Georgette is one of the few real ‘untouched’ beaches in Seychelles, offering natural, astounding beauty no wonder why it has often been described as one of the two most beautiful beaches on Praslin, the other being Anse Lazio. It has an unbelievable mix of stunning turquoise ocean water, pristine white sand, and implausible palm trees that make for a truly jaw-dropping beach.

Banana Beach- Sao Tome and Principe

Dubbed a landmark of beauty, this amazing beach is found in the twin-island nation of Sao Tome and Principe tucked in the Gulf of Guinea, off Africa’s Atlantic coast.
Banana beach is the country’s most popular beach renowned for its vivid natural beauty that bewitches any visitor.
It is perfect for those who have an undying love for swimming, with its white sand curving in a banana shape around turquoise waters.

The Coffee Bay Beach – South Africa

This beach is simply spectacular. It stretches from the Nenga River Mouth, and is set against the backdrop of black-faced cliffs, white sand, and jade hills and mountains.
This particular stretch of beach is renowned for horse riding, surfing, swimming and sunbathing.
As if that is not enough, the extended coast is loved for its walking and hiking opportunities.
One of the most popular trails stretches to the glorious Hole in the Wall. There are numerous outstanding hotels and restaurants along the way, that while laid-back, offer gorgeous views and welcome refreshments.

Belle Mare Mauritius

Famous for its miles of powder-white beaches that hug the coast at Belle Mare, where championship golf courses, posh resorts, a family-friendly water park and abundant aquatic sports ensure activity-filled days.
Also popular at this eastern Mauritius enclave beach is deep-sea fishing for tuna, marlin and mako shark.
Belle Mare also serves as a convenient base camp for a trek to 1,575-foot Lion Mountain, where sweeping views reward those who make the challenging hike to its peak.

Tofo Beach-Mozambique

Tofo beach is an incredible 8km stretch of sandy beach fringed by the warm and gorgeous Indian Ocean.
It offers unbelievable diving opportunities along a reef brimming with Mantra Rays, Sea Turtles and Whale Sharks.
With almost 365 days of sunshine and rolling surf it is easily one of the southern African country’s top beach destinations.

Mabibi, Isimangaliso Wetland Park- South Africa

The magnificent Isimangaliso Wetland Park offers 220kms of remote, untouched beaches.
While only accessible by off-road vehicles, the journey takes one through a plain of subtropical forest and over steep coastal dunes until he or she reaches the sea.

With rustic camping facilities also available, this is a beach, right off the beaten track, which offers pure solitude and tranquillity.