Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Coaching: High Impact Marketplace Life

Coaching: High Impact Marketplace Life


I am an accredited TTI Coach and consultant. This is Target Training International, which is the world’s leading organization that offers online assessments that help people know themselves better.

We deal with many companies that are facing the common challenge of low performance. From experience, more than 90% of these companies face challenges not because they have bad products but because they have wrongly placed people or people that are ill equipped to carry out their responsibilities well.

My job is to come in and discover where the challenges are within the organization and map a way forward. I have discovered that most problems disappear when you begin to fix the people. Fixing the people is not to imply that the people are bad, this is rarely the case. It often means people do not know themselves well enough to know how to get peak performance out of their lives. This is what makes my assignment as a coach very exciting. Socrates is believed to have said these words “Know Thyself”

Herein lies the problem; many people do not know themselves. One cannot build a success plan without clearly knowing what they are capable of. It is in knowing oneself that we can begin to build a strategy for personal growth and getting to the place of a “High Impact Marketplace Life” My first assignment in coaching is locating what we call current reality this is where an individual is or the level of success a company has achieved then we map a way to what we call “desired reality”.

People who do not know themselves create self-imposed prisons of confinement that stop or limit their marketplace performance. Last week we looked at the analogy of the prison as a limiting factor to successful living. Let’s quickly look at an athlete. To run a marathon one has to have confidence that they have it in them to do so. This is seen in doing shorter runs and completing them successfully without collapsing or getting a heart attack. This process is what helps the runner to “know themselves”. As they run smaller marathons they are discovering their capabilities and beginning to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone.

A coach comes along to help them see the possibility of winning the marathon, they offer encouragement and motivation to eat right, rest well, maintain focus etc. We can therefore safely conclude that to not know one’s capabilities is the main hindrance to greatness.

Limiting factors

  1. Ignorance of one’s abilities
  2. Lack of a coach who believes in your abilities
  3. Lack of a proper training program that brings out those abilities
  4. Fear that my abilities are not sufficient to give me victory
  5. Lack of consistency in growing and developing personal abilities
  6. Lack of clarity of the rewards that await for you at the end

David in the Bible had to confront many challenges as a young man. From inferiority about his looks and background, to being relegated to the menial tasks in the home and being ignored when the prophet Samuel came to chose a King. In spite of all this David had confidence in his abilities, he knew himself and what he was able to deliver. So when the day of marketplace performance came he was able to have a high impact and history was made.

What made him a High Marketplace Performer? That’s a good question, let me begin by saying he knew himself. He had opportunities to train and develop this skill until he was a sniper with his catapult. He was close to God who became his coach and mentor and the result was he had the following traits that made him live a “High Impact Marketplace Life”

  1. Confidence in his ability
  2. Skill and well-developed abilities
  3. Humility to serve his father and his brothers and later the King
  4. He consistently worked on and developed his skills even without a need to impress and audience
  5. He practiced his abilities on a lion and a bear, so Goliath was just another challenge at the same level
  6. He was focused on developing that ability till it became outstanding
  7. He was versatile and able to develop other abilities. When he became the General of the Army he used other weapons besides the sling. He was not stuck on what gave him a victory in the past.

It is amazing that the army was not amazing until David killed Goliath. Under the leadership of King Soul there were no giants killed, but after David became the leader killing giants became standard practice. This means that a “High Impact Marketplace Life” is contagious; when people see others kill giants they believe in their own ability to kill giants. The culture in the organization changes when a Giant Killer walks in. Sales shoot up when a high performing sales person joins the team and the new standards become average until we break the previous record.

This is why I love coaching people, because people can grow and become bigger and better if they are put in the right environment. Growing an organization is about growing people. Companies that don’t grow their people will always be weaker than those that place great value in developing people. Moving people to a place of peak performance.

Prison companies do not value people, they value maintaining the status quo and ensuring that everyone is present at roll call. Empowering companies focus on growing people so that they are able to kill giants, they create an environment of high performance. Are you growing as an individual, or are you stagnant? Have you done some personal assessments lately to see if you are stuck in your current reality and not moving towards your desired reality?

Look at your own life and assess yourself so you can “Know Yourself” and then put together a strategy to become the marathon runner you were born to be. You are a Giant Killer, believe in yourself and go for the big dream, become all that you were meant to be and success is inevitable. Let us help you grow and become all you were meant to be, this magazine is designed to bring the best out of you. Lets go the journey and have fun along the way; you were born to live a “High Impact Marketplace Life”




Tich Tanyanyiwa is a prolific minister of the Word of faith with a vision for community transformation, missions, church planting and leadership development across Africa. His passion for community transformation through the teaching of the Word of faith has led him to plant dynamic, growing churches in South Africa and Zimbabwe and he has a vision to see church plants all over Africa. Pastor Tich ministers in conferences and seminars around South Africa as an author and leadership consultant. Through Success Paradigms 101 Apostle Tich Tanyanyiwa and His wife Princisca have birthed 17 businesses that are transforming communities. He holds a Masters in Christian Leadership with Destiny College International and he is currently concluding his Doctorate with the same college. He is the author of 10 books and he speaks to and coaches many leaders in Southern Africa. He is fast becoming a leading voice and change agent in the Success Coaching arena. He carries a very strong anointing to teach on Kingdom wealth and marketplace influence. He has authored eight books that are changing many lives. He is happily married to Princisca and they are blessed with six children and four grand children. Pastor Tich is the senior Pastor and Executive Chairman of Prevailing Word Ministries International.