Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Coaching Marketplace Success

Coaching Marketplace Success


This article is designed to create dialogue for people in the marketplace. The pressure for success is very high and many are willing to take shortcuts in order to succeed. Like some people will say “Success at any cost”.

That is too high a price to pay for something. I have been a success coach for over 20 years. In fact I was coaching people before I even knew I was coaching them. My background is ministry as I started of as a youth pastor. Many of the counseling session I had with young people were actually coaching sessions that helped bring out the best in those that were willing to listen.

When I began to work with adults I realized the only thing that changed was the age range of the people I was dealing with, but the issues they were facing were just the same. As a coach I had mastered the art of bringing the best out of people by discovering their hidden talents and abilities. Is this not what the coach on the soccer field does? This also applies for any other sporting discipline? The coach just comes alongside the individual or the team and develops a program to help them win.

I want to help those that are in business that seek for wisdom principles that will help them operate better in the market place and get better results. Now I maintain that every person is in business by design or by default. We have those that are running registered entities that employ people and provide goods or services, that is a business, but there are those employed by these entities that provide the labor force to make this entity exist. This includes the cleaner, the typist, bookkeeper, manager and so on. These people often do not see themselves as business owners, they think of themselves as employees. While this is correct that they are employed it is not complete in that it confines them to the limitation of an employee.

Now I have a problem with the “employee” status because this word carries an attitude with it, and often that attitude is not a good one. The employee mindset causes a person to reduce himself or herself to living within a box. It is a self-imposed prison that will limit both your resources and your resourcefulness. Employees work within set parameters that do not allow for creativity and the birthing of new ideas and this results in the atrophy of the gifts within.

While for average employers this may be comfortable as the work environment becomes more predictable it creates another problem bigger and more devastating than they will ever know. The organization will stagnate. I have consulted for a number of organizations and I can put them into two categories. The first category is what I call the “The Prison” the second category is what I call “The Empowerment Zone”. Let’s look at these two briefly.

The Prison

Typical of a prison the inmates are under the watch from insecure guards that fear for their lives so they use intimidation to manipulate the situation and remain in control. In the prison the prisoners live of many instructions and few options. They have no freedom to make decisions. They are told when to get up, when to go to bed, when to use the bathroom and when to eat. Mobility is restrained to the prison facility and this is always under heavy guard.

Prisoners have no vision of growth, production, initiative, or creativity. Being in a prison your life is limited with no prospects of growth and development of gifts and abilities. You are constantly in danger of violence or even death.

I know the above sound very gloomy and bleak but unfortunately there are many companies that have become prisons. It’s a place where dreams and ambitions are killed on the altar of fear.

Initiative is destroyed as it disturbs the status quo and causes the system to go into convulsion. These companies never become high performing companies; they remain small in both size and impact.

In Bible terms King Soul was a leader of a Prison. He was given a thriving nation and he reduced it to 600 men shuddering in fear under a tree. He ruled with an iron fist and caused great fear amongst the people. He killed the priests because of his insecurities about David who had been anointed King. Soul reduced the national agenda and budget to the pursuit and arrest of David.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Empowerment Zone

Let’s quickly look at the second type of business. The one I call “The Empowerment Zone”. This one is very different from the first. The empowerment zone as the name suggests is an organization whose sole purpose is to empower and grow its people to become the best they can be because they understand that “great individuals make a great company”

The key word in these companies is “freedom”, freedom to dream, freedom to create, freedom to innovate, and freedom to grow and to rise to the top. There are no insecure people fighting to keep a dead post, there is no fear to communicate upwards or downwards, the free flow of information enables the company to make use of the talents and gifting’s within the organization for the purpose of growing the organization.

The empowerment zone operates by vision and initials a sense of clarity of purpose right through the ranks, enabling even the tea or cleaning department to add value to the corporate vision.

The outstanding factor about these companies is their leader. The leader takes on the role of growing people through a process of coaching and empowering to grow and be the best they can be. He is not afraid that people will grow and leave nor is he threatened by the successes of those under him because that was his initial goal, to grow people.

The former is a dead end organization while the later is the company with a future. God designed people to grow and become better all through their lives and this is what makes my assignment as a coach so beautiful, I see people growing all the time. Unlike the prison that expects people to be criminals for the rest of their lives the empowerment zone believes the best in people and creates an environment where people can grow.

Follow the next article and you will learn how people chose to create personal prisons that keep them in personal mediocrity. You will also learn how to maximize your personal performance in order to live a “High Impact Marketplace Life”. We will further explore the difference between an employee and an entrepreneur.

Tich Tanyanyiwa is a prolific minister of the Word of faith with a vision for community transformation, missions, church planting and leadership development across Africa. His passion for community transformation through the teaching of the Word of faith has led him to plant dynamic, growing churches in South Africa and Zimbabwe and he has a vision to see church plants all over Africa. Pastor Tich ministers in conferences and seminars around South Africa as an author and leadership consultant. Through Success Paradigms 101 Apostle Tich Tanyanyiwa and His wife Princisca have birthed 17 businesses that are transforming communities. He holds a Masters in Christian Leadership with Destiny College International and he is currently concluding his Doctorate with the same college. He is the author of 10 books and he speaks to and coaches many leaders in Southern Africa. He is fast becoming a leading voice and change agent in the Success Coaching arena. He carries a very strong anointing to teach on Kingdom wealth and marketplace influence. He has authored eight books that are changing many lives. He is happily married to Princisca and they are blessed with six children and four grand children. Pastor Tich is the senior Pastor and Executive Chairman of Prevailing Word Ministries International.