Sunday 18 April 2021
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Ethiopian Government Acquire New Freighters

Ethiopian Government Acquire New Freighters


There are many things that may draw the attention and lure potential visitors to a place. If we would ask holidaymakers the reasons why they visit the places they do, we would get a lot of different answers.

Some choose their destinations solely based on stuff such as the climate of the region, type of flora and fauna available in a region, events and festivals held in a specific season and the relative political and economic stability of the region.

Rarely, however, would you hear people say that their main reason for choosing destination A over destination B is as a result of the type and quality of transport available on that route. The lack or deliberate ignorance on such kind of reasoning paints a picture that rather says, ‘type and quality of transport is not really important in choosing a destination but what you will find there is of importance’.

Mode of transport to a destination of choice is as important as is the destination itself. Imagine yourself about to make your dream vacation and the only option for you is to board a B707 or a B747. There is nothing wrong with these two but the fact that they are 1966 planes does not inspire you as a traveller and they do not inject those extra little bits of happiness in you, in them, you will have no personal TV even if you book yourself in the first class compartment.

Though you might retain much of the enthusiasm you had about your dream vacation, there is no doubt a little something is taken off, of you by an uninspiring type of transportation.

In 1995, Boeing Commercial Airplanes started the B777 program and to this day, there are around six versions of the B777.

In its efforts to widen and make the Ethiopian Airlines brand more competitive in the world, the government of Ethiopia recently concluded a deal with Boeing Commercial Airplanes at their headquarters in Chicago.

The deal signed between the Ethiopian government through Ethiopian Airlines and Boeing Commercial Airplanes will see Ethiopian Airlines receiving 10 planes in the next 10 years. The plan by Ethiopian Airlines is to replace its fleet of the B757 that are no longer in production.

The first part of the deal will see Ethiopian Airlines receiving four planes in the first two years. Ethiopian Airlines will receive two different versions of the B777, the first of which covers the long range and then the other covering the short-range markets. The first four planes will cost the government of Ethiopia $1.3 billion, an amount the government has in earnest started paying.

The second part of the deal will see the Ethiopian Airlines receiving the remainder of six planes including the yet to be launched B777X. The B777X will include two jets i.e. 777-9X and the 777-8X. The first B777X delivery is scheduled for 2020 and Ethiopian Airlines will be one of the first recipients together with Lufthansa (34 planes), Etihad Airways (25 planes), Qatar Airways (50 planes, and Emirates with 150 planes.

By becoming one of the first recipients for the B777X, Ethiopia at the same time will become the first flag bearer airline in the world to possess a B777X.

In the same vein, Ethiopia continues the good work it has been doing. According to the International Monetary Fund, Ethiopia is Africa’s fastest growing economy with a projected growth rate of 8.5 percent this year. Ethiopia is also in the process of expanding the country’s main airport from the current 10 million to 22 million operational capacity.