Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Lighting Technology That Does Not Compromise On Quality During Power Outage

Lighting Technology That Does Not Compromise On Quality During Power Outage


Switching to LED bulbs will save you money, and you won’t have to compromise on light quality either. In addition to saving money, LEDs can save you time — with fewer trips to the store and up the ladder.

This technology will guarantee scholars study time on and off the grid, for better results.

LEDs don’t suffer from the problems associated with traditional CFL energy-saving light bulbs (the stick-type bulbs), such as slow warm-up times, either. They can look just like traditional bulbs and are up to full brightness as soon as you hit the light switch. The best models give off an attractive warm-white light.

When there is a power outage from the national grids either because of natural factors such as rain storm or man-made disasters such as broken light pole because of a car accident, many homes have blackouts, and the conventional light bulbs are not able to help. Hence, there is a need for new lighting technology that either will continue to provide light when there is a power outage from the grid or will provide light without depending on the grid. With these emerging lighting products, one will not be in darkness even when there is a blackout. These products can easily detect electrical wiring problems because they are smart.

The Grandstage rechargeable light bulb can be turned on easily during a power outage, and is constantly charging while in a socket. It has an easy to use AC/DC. The Intelligent Emergency Light Bulbs are able to stay on, thanks to a Li-ion battery that can give up to four hours of light when there is a power outage. It can be used every day as a regular light bulb.

The devices use a patent-pending Grid & Switch Sensor to figure out if there has indeed been a power failure. This sensor detects the positioning of the on/off switch that the light or lamp is wired to. This is what makes it possible for the device to know if it must turn on due to a power cut or if you have just simply turned off the light.

When the power to the grid is restored, the unit’s battery recharges itself from empty to a fully charged capacity in about six hours. These bulbs have a rated lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.


Benefits of the Bulb

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors, also provides normal light when the grid is on
  • Automatically senses power outage and remains on when there is a blackout
  • Saves energy and cost
  • Can light when placed in water