Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Love your natural African hair

Love your natural African hair

So far we have looked at how to become natural and how to take care of your natural hair. This week we will look at hairstyles that are appropriate for an office environment and or business meetings.What is appropriate will depend on the business. I am sure Mark Zuckerberg will not mind you wearing your Afro since he will be wearing a hoodie. If you want to apply for a loan at a bank then I would suggest a more formal do, like an up-do.
TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)A TWA looks so professional, clean and bold. To me it says I am confident and strong. You can add color to it or do finger coils.

Hair pic 1

AN up-do will make you look formal and elegant. I like the up-do’s that Teyonah Parris wears for award shows. Grab a few pins and you will look like worked so hard on your appearance.

Hair pic 2

Goddess Braid / Twist
This is my go to style which looks good in both formal and informal settings. You part your hair into two and braid or twist going down and pin the ends. Works with all lengths of hair except for TWA.

Hair pic 3

Mini Braids or Twists
Mini twists are a great protective styles that can be worn up or down. They are easy to refresh and transform into an up do or simply pulled back.

Hair pic 4

Twist Out/Braid Out
A twist out or braid out will result in a curly look which you wear it as is or pin it up although it may end up looking like an Afro in very humid conditions.

Hair pic 6

I will usually put my hair in a puff if I don’t have time to do my hair or to fix a failed hair style. Pull your hair up into a puff and you look elegant instantly. The longer the hair the more difficult it is put it in a puff so you can then use a sock bun to make a chignon bun. I like a low bun.

Hair pic 5

This will depend on where you work or the business that you run. An example is Afrobella who always wears her Afro as is and people identify her with it, I doubt anyone would expect her to wear her hair any other way.

This is not necessarily a natural hairstyle. In some countries where you are allowed to wear your traditional clothes, I think a turban will be suitable for a business meeting. A turban will turnaround bad hair days or allow you deep condition your hair as you go. A great example is Ms Dlamini-Zuma, the AU chairperson who always has her turban even when conducting meetings and giving speeches.

Hair pic 7

Love your natural African hair ladies, and till we decide to turn it to dreadlocks, stay confident in being yourself.