Saturday 18 January 2020
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Madagascar My Love, Will You Marry Me

Madagascar My Love, Will You Marry Me


Nothing hurts more than moving around with a bruised, broken and battered heart.

The agony of rejection and betrayal gnaws at you like a ravaging cancer and the throbbing is almost tangible.

It appears as if that person, throughout the time you were with him or her, ornamented your heart with tiny little hooks and, one by one, they are being wrenched out. Sounds dramatic, but that is how it feels to many people!

A heartbreak hurts so deeply because it pulls at that raw abandonment nerve we all share. It rips us open to the core, overwhelming us with powerful emotions — loss, despair, panic, shame and hopelessness.

Sometimes it grisly murders our ability to love again, leaving us numb to affection and possessing a remarkably negative attitude towards love and anyone who purports to give it to us.

I know that feeling, I have trod that prickly road and still bear the wounds of that excruciating journey. Love to me seized to exist the moment I realised that my heart was hoodwinked into falling in love each time, only to have daggers, spears, knives and arrows thrust into it, by women I thought loved me, leaving me clutching an endlessly bleeding heart. So I threw in the towel.

That was before I met you.

Seeing you for the first time completely bamboozled me. Your magnetic presence effortlessly drew me to you. Love at first sight was a charade I never allowed my ears to pay attention to but all that instantaneously changed the moment I set my eyes on you.

In a world where women are applying beauty enhancers to look more attractive, you have chosen to remain natural and it is this staggering natural beauty that is your prized possession.

It makes you unequivocally unique and it comes as no surprise that men have dubbed you “the eighth continent” and are always flocking to spend minutes with you because you are an icon of the beauty of nature.

When I think of your beauty my being is electrified.

Who can’t talk of beauty and leave out the magnificent Île aux Nattes Island that three kilometre wideIsland situated at the southern end of Sante Marie that allowed me to experience a wide range of activities that included whale watching, fishing and snorkelling.

That experience has been engrained in my mind since then.

What made me fall for you even more is the undeniable beauty plastered on your South West coastat the Andovoke bay. When I set my eyes on you at that time, I knew then as I know now, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

The exquisiteness of your Andovoke bay which is of the beaten track, and displays a kilometre and a half a near perfect half-moon white sandy beach is jaw dropping and its ability to host a wide range of tourist actives like surfing, kite-surfing and jet-skiing is second to none.

Mahavelonav beach, Nosey Iranja, Anjajavy are some beaches that underline your natural splendour and moments spent there healed my shattered heart and made it believe in love again.

Growing up I developed a strong love for biodiversity and the fact that no place on earth is as biodiversity rich as you further enhanced my longing for you.

Your humble self is home to over 10,000 species of plants of which 90% are endemic. You are an African wild haven that satisfied my eagerness to enjoy the gifts of flora and fauna.

Merely looking at your Andringitra National Park, it dawned on me as to why it is dubbed as one of your most biodiversity rich areas.

I was enthralled to come face to face with over 100 different species of amazing birds that astounded me because of their colour and made me realise your innate aesthetic value.

Your personified Andringitra National Park beauty dumb folded me because I was yet to see the Tsingy de Bemaraha, another national reserve park located in your west coast.

The “Tsingy”, that popular picturesque karst limestone formation is a marvel to behold and seeing the preserved mangrove forests in the park and its beauty added with diverse species of lemurs and wild birds completes you as the best ever.

One thing that I have always loved about you is your uniqueness and the avenue or alley of Baobabs, that prominent group of baobab trees lining the dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in the Menabe region in your western part is testimony of your sheer uniqueness.

These mammoth trees, whose roots seem to grow into the sky enchanted me to the extent that I ended up believing that they actually possess the magic they are believed to have. How can they fail to have magic when they are entrenched in you, the personification of magic?

Worldwide, there exist only eight species of baobabs but you have not less than seven different kinds.

Simply amazing.

I am an avid believer of peaceful relationships and I cannot look at any other than you, knowing that the African files website ranks you as the third most peaceful lady out of Africa’s 54 women.

Your love for children’s future as evidenced by your allowing them to have free compulsory education from six to 13 years which led to enrolment figures doubling between 1996 and 2006 ultimately won my heart considering my deep love for children.

I am not a fancy gentleman but I had to travel 1,862 km back here to the southeast coast of Africa to tell you that you are so special and I need you to add meaning in my life.

Allow me now to go on bended knee and bring out my ring.

Madagascar my love, will you marry me?