Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Mangwanani African Spa: an unparalleled African Spa experience.

Mangwanani African Spa: an unparalleled African Spa experience.

An invitation to the Mangwanani African Spa’ brought The Inspired Africa crew an opportunity to explore the famous brand.

It presented an opportunity to experience a peaceful retreat. Founded on the principle of Women Empowerment, Mangwanani African Spa is renowned for its African ambiance, beneficial therapies, great hospitality, an unparalleled African Spa experience.

That description weted my appetite but I did not know that a line up of six traditional African therapies was on my way at Sibaya in KwaZulu Natal province.


I found out that all therapists are previously disadvantaged rural women, who have been trained in various therapies and developed in various skills needed to progress within the company. As a guest, I received so much more than just an ordinary massage.

After adapting to the unique environment, African drums and songs by the therapists themselves, clothed in African attire wowed my expectations.

It just turned out to be another typical unique African experience for relaxation, soul healing and peaceful retreat at Mangwanani African Spa.

Out of curiosity I had to ask how it all started to become such a unique experience.

“It all started in 2002 by founder and current CEO, Erin Limbert and has grown nationwide with twenty two branches today, located in tourist areas of South Africa. Back then, Erin had a notion to help improve the lives of rural South African women through empowerment initiatives, and so the heart of the original African spa was born,” divulged one of the management personnel at Sibaya.

The experiences on offer at the Sibaya KZN included an African Revitalisation Full Day Spa, a Half Day Spa or a Moonlight Night Spa. An African Revitalisation Full Day Spa package will definitely take you on a memorable African journey like no other.

After being greeted on arrival by African drumming and singing it was time for real experiences six blissful treatments, all carried out by the healing hands of trained and empowered therapists, a relaxation session in the jacuzzi mineral pool and enjoying a delicious lunch and beverages throughout the day was memorable.


Experiences that I went through were explained as Ubuso Facial, Tlhapiso Spa body treatment with exfoliation, IzimangaTraditional Full Body massage with hot stone therapy, Molala North African, African Head Neck and Shoulders massage.

Others on offer included Neo Maoto Traditional African Royal foot massage and Neo Matsogo Traditional African royal hand massage (from fingers to elbows)

A Moonlight Night Spa is also available to offer a more romantic ambiance where you will be treated to three amazing treatments, delicious dinner and beverages throughout the evening.

For those who do not have the luxury of time or prefer more intimate settings, Mangwanani has a number of Boutique Spas around the country which offer amazing treatments, without compromising the African Spa experience.

These spas are mostly located in well-known hotels and venues around South Africa.

It seems Mangwanani’s aim is to give everyone an opportunity to experience what the spa has to offer which also accommodates little ones’ to celebrate their birthday parties there as well. It is no wonder that guests to the spa range from children, teenagers, individuals, couples, women, corporate teams and even individuals attending outside events where Mangwanani has set up a nomadic spa.


Added to its remarkable offerings, Mangwanani also boasts its own ranges of products, such as body butters, massage oils, body spritzers, hand crèmes and shower gels each with their own unique benefits. The favourites of the Mangwanani product ranges are the collections of natural products they recently launched.

A visit to Mangwanani spa is certainly a must on any traveller’s itinerary and makes an amazing location for any special occasion for individuals, groups and corporates.

I finally explored why Mangwanani Spas, do not only massage bodies but are a little more with baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Birthdays and perhaps more than I experienced.