Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Mapule Moloto: Satisfied When Fulfilling Her Purpose

Mapule Moloto: Satisfied When Fulfilling Her Purpose


At the moment I’m working so hard on a plan to establish and manage a special school with a difference. I’m not sure about the difference as yet but it will definitely be to the advantage of people living with disabilities.

Welcome to the world of Mapule Moloto, a woman born with a difference and makes a difference to the world

Mapule was born in Sebokeng Zone 10 in 1984, with a difference! She had two disabilities, Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy, but she overcame one due to the grace of God, as today she has overcome the epilepsy.

I learnt to accept my disability, because I have more abilities than disabilities. I carried on with my education moving from one school to another. I left school and focused on handwork school where business ideas were natured and embraced.

My mother played a very big role in inspiring me to be different.

When I help others I always feel happy, fulfilled and complete, mostly at peace knowing that someone is gaining from me.

I’m also satisfied at the fact I’m fulfilling the purpose of God for me. We know that each one of us has a purpose in life and I’m sure helping others is mine.

So in one sentence, helping others to reach their potential completes me.

In the meantime Mapule is a business woman, motivator and mentor, determined to help people with disabilities.

Having been raised in a God fearing environment, thanks to her grandmother who taught her about God, taking her to church, how to pray and fast, she overcame epilepsy through God’s mercy at the age of 13 in 1998.

“Being in the presence of God gave me a new perspective in life.”

So what is this go-getter planning for other people living with disabilities?

Well, the school project is within my 5 year plan. I’m putting the plan on paper then the second phase will be to contact the department of education then followed by funding. After that, the sky will be the limit.

She chose a career path in humanities, helping others in the process, how did all this start?

I organized an event which talked to disabled women on Mother’s day last year. The idea of the event was to help mostly with building self-esteem, grooming and fashion.

The other event was on the 9th of August 2009, the theme was “building queens for tomorrow.”

It was for parents who have disabled children and how to take care of them, helping them to reach their full potential.

I know how it feels to be disabled and having to struggle within the community.

Seeing that I built my self-esteem and developed myself as a person and also realised my abilities, well I thought why not help others as well and build a career out of it.

By God’s grace it has happened and there is more to come.