Friday 10 April 2020
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Mayleen Kyster: Makes Her Presence Felt In The Steel Industry

Mayleen Kyster: Makes Her Presence Felt In The Steel Industry

Dare yourself to dream beyond the conventions and dare yourself to achieve more; go further than your envisioned dreams to become the best version of yourself and the world will lie in the palms of your hands.

Mayleen Kyster had this to say about what drives her passion to succeed and achieve all she has in a male dominated steel industry; ‘the driving force behind my passion for steel is faith, I have faith that I have been appointed by my creator to achieve something great in the steel industry which will inspire other young woman to venture into the steel industry or any other male dominated industry.

Determination to succeed for the sake of myself and others who follow after me and my interest for steel as an industry, keeps me motivated.’ The seeds that manifest the power to become accomplished in one’s pursuits are faith, hard-work, dedication, an inexcusable sense of duty and research. All these elements can direct one’s life towards a path to unimaginable excellence and success.

Mayleen Kyster is the founder and director of Africa Steel Holdings, she holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of the North West as well as a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Certificate in Project Management from the University of the Witwatersrand. Mayleen Kyster says steel chose her and it was not part of her plan, she was recruited into the steel industry as a graduate in training.

She was inspired by other steel industry champions who came before her and in April 2015 she took the leap of faith and started on her own journey which led her to become one of Africa’s most influential, celebrated and successful individuals in the steel industry. May’s company Africa Steel Holdings was born through her love for Africa and steel. Her interest in steel has kept her in the industry for a long time including the competitive nature of the business and the industry’s male dominated nature.

Mayleen Kyster sits on the boards of Steel and Engineering Federation of Southern Africa (Seifsa), RSH Mining, RSC Avelo, Northern Cape Metals Industrial Cluster and is the Executive Chairman of Africa Steel Holdings. She leads a strong team of ambitious people eager to impact the lives of those around them. Mayleen Kyster later on established Alpha Foundation Africa, a non-profit organisation that implements Africa Steel’s community development initiatives. She supports a football development club and spends time volunteering at orphanages, and also mentors youth-owned businesses.

Mayleen’s words to all the young girls and women out there are that; ‘there is a saying that you are the sum total of all your life experiences. I take ownership of all my decisions and actions, and therefore would make the same mistakes all over again so I can continue to grow wiser and older.

Mayleen Kyster also reiterated on the fact that there are many obstacles to overcome in life for anyone who strives for more or wants to achieve something meaningful in their life, however one’s only obstacle they can control is oneself. She says that self control is the key.

She goes on to say that, ‘control your thoughts about yourself and intern that will influence your destiny and If you think you are capable your actions will emulate someone who is capable’. The journey to greatness starts with how you view yourself. Ask yourself, who am I and answer that question according to what you want to achieve and believe it.