Friday 24 January 2020
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My Wise Brother: be innovative where it is truly necessary.

My Wise Brother: be innovative where it is truly necessary.

“Why reinvent the wheel?”, when my Wise brother made that statement to me, he had engaged me to come up with the financial controls for his business right at its inception. I was not the only expert who was engaged to come up with systems. He also had systems designers for HR, Back Office and IT systems.

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Why go to such effort and cost? His reasoning was that most aspects of business operations have been replicated throughout time; over that time organisations have developed the most efficient and effective way to carry out those operations. He felt that it was arrogance on the part of anyone to think that they could develop a wholly unique business in every aspect. So to cover the majority of business operations that were common in every business, he was creating systems and policies to help govern the day to day operations as they were carried out. That way he said, it would leave enough time for the team members to be innovative where it is truly necessary.

A business at its core is established on its ability to solve some problem or challenge in exchange for a fee. The better that business can solve many peoples problem for a reasonable fee, the more people will buy its products or services; thus making the business more successful. The ultimate aim then is perfecting that problem resolution activity so that it can be repeated as fast and as easily as possible. This is done by establishing systems to achieve this.

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My Wise Brother’s business is the leader in its industry and has maintained its leadership role over time to a large extent because of the quality of their systems. They deal with a very large client base. They are in a very competitive business and the majority of customers like dealing with them because they know exactly what kind of service they will get. The manner in which this service is delivered was mapped right at the inception when we helped set up the systems. Along the way there have been some systems challenges in the different areas and depending on the area, Wise Brother has called in an expert or assigned someone on his team to work on the problem area and resolve the challenge.

This adherence to quality systems has created a culture in my Wise Brother’s business where everyone knows that they have to maintain standards. You can see that the staff is proud to work there; they keep themselves neat and tidy and are proud of their status on the market. Thus adherence to quality systems also creates the right culture in a business.

Ask yourself, are there quality systems in your organisation? Is there a proud culture of the maintenance of standards? If not, have a look at the systems and improve them.

Has a degree in accounts and is a Chartered Certified Accountant. He worked as a finance professional for 10 years before going into business. He has 14 years experience in business and has run businesses in chemical distribution, food production, consultancy and ICT. He is an author of 3 books, 1.) The Capacity Manifesto, 2.) The 8 Platforms of Business Success and 3.) The 8 Platforms Workbook. He is also a producer of software applications focused on business management. His passion is helping create the best entrepreneurs and well run businesses in Africa.