Sunday 18 April 2021
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Phuthi Mahanyela, a very inspiring entrepreneur: Africa’s potential in energy is massive

Phuthi Mahanyela, a very inspiring entrepreneur:  Africa’s potential in energy is massive

African region has seen a drop in sufficient energy in the past decade that has suffocated economic growth in most developing countries.

Energy crisis has mainly been caused by overworked power generating machinery in Sub-Saharan Africa that has observed implementation of load shedding.


South Africa recently joined the legion of load shedding and the government confessed that it’s time to look for other alternatives to salvage power for its over 50 million population.

“The reality of the fact is that lack of reliable energy hampers the delivery of basic service such as health care, education and clean water supply and sadly it continues to perpetuate poverty on the continent” analysed South African entrepreneur Phuthi Mahanyela.

“It therefore goes without saying that without energy, Africa’s social economic development and transformation goal cannot be realised,”

The inspirational entrepreneur has been at the forefront to lobby for more dialogues across the continent to find solutions to end power shortages for economic growth.

African business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos launched the Africa Energy Leaders Group, a multi-stakeholder advocacy group that aims to address Africa’s power shortages.

“This initiative will bring the continent’s leaders together in an effort to build better public-private partnerships, leverage political support and mobilise funds for sustainable energy sources such as renewable sources” Phuthi said

“The investment in renewable energy will not only increase the energy capacity on the continent, but will also open up the market for greater participation of independent power producers and consequently contribute to the socio-economic development of the local communities. Africa’s potential in energy is massive” she added.

Many countries have increased socio-economic problems as the energy crisis takes it’s toll, although some nations have enrolled the prepaid electricity system, generating capacities remains low.

“In South Africa for example to address our future energy needs, our government has made direct interventions through the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Program.

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