Sunday 18 April 2021
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Princess Beatrice Butundu: Avoiding Negative People Is Key To Success.

Princess Beatrice Butundu: Avoiding Negative People Is Key To Success.


Inspired by the Biblical teaching which states that the hand that gives is more ‘blessed’ than the hand that receives, Giver4life, a community organisation that aims at helping impoverished members of the community was born.

Giver4life is a community organisation whose work aims at raising the standard of living of the people in Tembisa, South Africa. Princess Beatrice Butundu, the founder of the organisation was disheartened by the poverty-stricken community of Tembisa and also the inability of the authorities to bring much-needed relief to the Tembisa community, thus she decided to establish her own organisation which seeks to uplift the Tembisa community.

Speaking on Tembisa, Princess said that they did not necessarily choose to work in Tembisa but they were forced to uplift the community after observing the dire poverty levels in the community.

The name of the organisation, Giver4life draws much from the Biblical teaching which states that the hand which gives is more blessed than the hand which receives. Inspired by this teaching, Giver4life primarily focuses on ‘giving’. This type of ‘giving’ involves different things from giving food handouts to the people living in Tembisa to giving clothes and other goodies.

In a little over 10 years, the organisation has made some impressive strides as it is now known both in Tembisa and outside. Princess attributes hard work to the success of the organisation.

Speaking to The Inspired Africa, she said that hard work incorporates two things. First comes the issue of having competent and committed staff. At Giver4life, there are 25 independent entrepreneurs who work to make the organisation better every day. Among these 24 independent entrepreneurs as qualified accountants who see the day to day running of the organisation including handling the organisation’s financing.

Secondly, hard work pertains to networking. Inspired by the work done by DSG as well as MTN South Africa, Giver4Life prioritises networking and in its short history has managed to establish partnerships with a number of other organisations working in South Africa.

Like any other organisation, Giver4Life has faced some challenges over the years but it has managed to turn those challenges into opportunities rather than letting them stall the progress of the organisation.

In the closing remarks, Princess Beatrice Butundu said that in her time working with Giver4Life, she has realised that the biggest mistake that anyone can make is to associate with negative people. If looking to succeed in life whether personal or business, it’s imperative that one disassociates him/herself from negative people.