Friday 10 April 2020
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Property Investment Opportunities As Mozambique Rebuilds

Property Investment Opportunities As Mozambique Rebuilds


The south eastern African country of Mozambique has emerged from various challenges that currently make it lucrative for property investment.

Mozambique attained independence from Portuguese rule on 25 June 1975.This was shortly followed by a civil war that destroyed a substantial amount of the country’s infrastructure.

After the war’s end in 1992, democracy dawned and the country began building its stability by encouraging foreign investment and tourism. At the moment, almost three decades into democracy vast construction and rebuilding of the nation is taking place.

Mozambique has a vast coastline, at approximately 2500km it’s the longest any African country has on the Indian ocean. It is just off this coastline, in the province of Gaza that one finds Bilene. This town, which is more popularly known as Praia do Bilene (Bilene Beach) in Portuguese, Mozambique’s official language, is a spectacular beach resort.

Bilene is on the shore of the Uembje lagoon. At a length of 27km and having a width of 8km and a maximum depth of 50m, Uembje lagoon is famous for it’s water sports. Most people enjoy sports like fishing, jet skiing and canoeing, while the enthusiasts venture into scuba diving and snorkelling. Apart from these water sports, quad biking is also a popular pass time for visitors to the area.

With fishing being a major activity, seafood is plenty at the local market. Fresh roasted fish can lead one to gluttony, while fresh crabs and prawns are also sold for your culinary pleasure. Tropical fruit such as pineapples and coconuts are sold at reasonable prices. Apart from the food, locally made clothes and syrongs together with curios typical of tourist destinations are plenty at this busy market place.

The local people are warm hearted and friendly and their peace loving nature lends to a vibrant and safe night life. At night some go out for drinks in the town, and occasionally there is a disco or band. Others will lie on the beach gazing at the star’s and dipping in the night tide.

Bilene is truly a beach resort of note, with a peaceful village setting and clean sandy white beaches. Most visitors to Bilene are from within Africa especially from the neighbouring countries while the balance is from abroad from places such as Brazil, Germany and Italy. Although Bilene has a small airport and airstrip it is currently not in use, but remains quite accessible by road. This road access is perhaps why it has gained popularity as the closest Beach destination to Johannesburg in neighbouring South Africa.

Accommodation in Bilene ranges from campsites to hotels and holiday resorts. For anyone looking at owning a holiday home this is certainly a destination to consider. Tourism is a major economic driver in Bilene leading to high demands of accommodation particularly over holidays.

Mozambique is experiencing a property boom. In Bilene, a few property developers like the Beekman group have moved in and are busy with Property development and subsequent sales. One can look at investing in these shared ownership or sectional title schemes or even owning free hold property on these pristine Bilene beaches.