Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Dr Shingi Munyeza ; Top Entrepreneur Revolutionized Business.

Dr Shingi Munyeza ; Top Entrepreneur Revolutionized Business.

WHEN DAYS are dark, friends are few –an old adage aptly describes the days that Shingi Munyeza, a top Zimbabwe businessman spent time in his own desert following his departure from the African Sun a huge cooperate in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.But even in hard times, Munyeza kept on believing that rays of hope were lurking in the dark cloud.


The Inspired Africa’s Nyasha Chingono had a one on one with the business mogul who had a lot to say about his forthcoming business ventures.Following his departure from African Sun,where he was the CEO for 13 years-his critiques thought,finally the sun had set on one of Zimbabwe’s top entrepreneurs who along Econet Founder Strive Masiyiwa
have revolutionized business.

Dr Munyeza’s love for hospitality kept his spirits high, at a time he sold his stake to Brainworks, paving way for new blood at African Sun.Munyeza said the first step to his resurgence was to adjust his lifestyle which he thought was unnecessary, encouraging Zimbabweans and Africans at large to live lives they can afford.“There are many things that I thought I did not need.Like the big house that I had,I felt that readjusting my life and investing the money elsewhere would make sense,” said Munyeza in an interview.“It’s not like I could not afford that lifestyle, but saving more proved prudent,”Munyeza added.After selling the expensive house and cars,Munyeza got an excess of $100 000 which he required to plough back into his family business.“I agreed with my wife that we would sell our big house and relocate elsewhere.We had an excess of $100 000 which we invested into our business and other church programs,” Munyeza told The Inspired Africa.

Munyeza who is a firm believer in people living within their means and managing a debt free life said Africans should learn to be content and invest in their future.He said such radical efforts to readjust his spending to the new realities
of life have jump started his business and Zimbabwe would soon hear more from Munyeza.“In life we have to make some radical decisions.We cannot carry on in debt,”he advises.


Now running four fast food franchises around the country, whilst maintaining a heavy presence in tourism Munyeza’s sun is surely rising again proving his critiques wrong.He runs Mugg & Bean, Ocean Basket and News Café South African franchises and he said he will be launching more franchises, including frozen yoghurt brand Smooch, Simply Asian, Moyo and Iligo throughout the country.Munyeza,a devout Christian and Senior Pastor at Faith Ministries was recently elected as the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) president, a role he took up to overseas Christian affairs in Zimbabwe. ‘I am now the EFZ president and I believe I could not do what I do now if I had a cooperate office.My role is to bring the body of Christians together for a common goal and vision, whilst embracing our diversity,’ said Munyeza.He said his passion is to see young entrepreneurs rise to stardom and giving back to the communities.

“What I don’t have is the time.The time that I thought I would have has been gobbled up by all these activities, but I’m happy.I couldn’t do many things in the past,I now do more entrepreneurial projects.The other aspect is time to help young entrepreneurs in the body of Christ,”said Munyeza who is also mooting plans to expand his fast food outlets.

Nyasha Chingono has a passion to see the world around him change through the written word. Having joined the profession in 2012, Chingono cultivated a strong passion for business reporting and matters of sustainable development. He has worked on one of Zimbabwe's reputable independent daily paper, The Daily News and the Midlands Bureau and contributed for various media houses both online and print. Currently a freelance journalist in the country's third largest city, Chingono possesses exceptional writing skills in news, politics, business, sports and tourism.