Tuesday 13 April 2021
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South Africa: Africa’s Affordable Holiday Destinations. What Can R100 Get You?

South Africa: Africa’s Affordable Holiday Destinations. What Can R100 Get You?


An escape from our daily struggles is all that we wish for, from toddlers, teenagers all the way to the elderly. However, such an escape to an exotic destination on many occasions doesn’t come cheap. In the end, such an escape seems to be a privilege only the rich, wealthy and famous can enjoy.

That’s not always the case, however, there are some great holiday destinations on the African continent where you can get affordable world-class entertainment and hospitality. South Africa, the country anchoring all other African countries at the base of the continent provides such affordable holidays.

Already thinking (or maybe planning) on your next holiday to South Africa. That’s wonderful. For extra motivation, here are some fun things you can enjoy and partake in for just R100 equivalent to US $8.

Hiking up Lion’s Head (Absolutely Free)

Yeah, you read that right. One of South Africa’s pride, the Lions Head will cost you absolutely nothing to hike. In addition, to the free cost, hiking the Lion’s Head will also guarantee you great views from all directions and angles. The trail for Lion’s Head is a screwtop meaning you will be circling the mountain on your way to the summit and in the process, you are exposed to magnificent views of the ocean to your south, the twelve apostles and the city bowel. To top it all, you just need a couple of hours at most to climb up and you can do it without the help of a guide. If you have extra energy, carry yourself a backpack with some goodies so you can enjoy a picnic while capturing breath-taking aerial views of the world’s most beautiful city.

Gilroy beer tasting (R80)

Do you know why you drink beer? Is it that you want to forget your troubles (that’s the reason forwarded by many), or maybe you just want to get intoxicated and wasted or it’s just a question of drinking without a concrete reason. If any of these three reasons why you drink beer, then you are drinking beer for the wrong reason.  Steve Gilroy the owner of Gilroy’s Brewery states that the production of beer is an art, as such the reason we should drink beer is for us to appreciate it i.e. to appreciate good beer distinguishing it from poor quality beer. It’s an art for you to appreciate beer and it’s this art that Steve Gilroy will teach you for just R80. Gilroy will teach you how beer is created, to smell the hops, taste the grains and explore the brewing process. In the end, you will walk away knowing how premium lager is well-balanced, naturally carbonated and matured.

Visit the Johannesburg Zoo (R46 – R80)

A trip in or to Africa wouldn’t be complete without one embarking on a wildlife viewing expedition. For that sole reason, that why Johannesburg City Parks came up with the idea to establish a zoo in the busy city of Johannesburg, the largest and wealthiest city in South Africa.

Climb Orlando Towers (R30)

The iconic Orlando Towers whenever they appear outside of South Africa are synonymous with the 2010 World Cup hosted by South Africa. The Orlando Towers are located at a former coal-fired power station which was dismantled in 1989. In 2008, Nico Myburg acquired the site and has since transformed the towers into an iconic adventure sports facility. Janine Kleinschmidt who designed the graphics on the two towers did a brilliant job in telling the Soweto story through art to the thousands who visit the towers and millions who see the towers on their electronic devices.

The Orlando Towers provide the following activities; a viewing platform on the western cooling tower, paintballing, base-jumping (only for experienced base jumpers to jump off the top of the tower with a parachute), a 25m climb, abseil and rap jumping (which is face down abseiling), a tower swing and 100m high bungee jumping.

Hop Aboard a Ricksha Bus (R100)

The Ricksha bus tour is a 3-hour tour of Durban; this is a double-decker bus with the top part open and has toilet facilities available on the bottom part. According to, “The journey starts along the beachfront of North Beach through to South Beach before getting to uShaka. During this part of the journey, you are able to see the site of the biggest fan park during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the tallest Building in Durban, uShaka Marine World and some of the oldest buildings in Durban which were used as hostels for people who were working at the harbour when it was known as Port Natal.”