Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Another Gem Emerges From Chitungwiza: The Story Of Memory Kamunhu-Farirayi

Another Gem Emerges From Chitungwiza: The Story Of Memory Kamunhu-Farirayi


CHITUNGWIZA, a dormitory town south east of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, has been in existence since 1978 following its formation from three townships: Seke, Zengeza, and St Marys.

The lively town colloquially referred to as Chi-town is home to over 350 000 inhabitants, and  has seen rapid growth in all spheres of life over the past years.

For many years, Chitungwiza has been celebrated for producing an array of extraordinary individuals who have excelled in various disciplines including sports, business and arts in the southern African country.

One cannot talk of Chitungwiza’s illustrious sons and not mention football supremo Stewart “shutto” Murisa, who in 1996 was the domestic premiership’s poster boy after he was crowned the best player in the league.

His telepathic understanding with home boy and ex Zimbabwe international midfielder, Alois Bunjira was the toast of CAPS United’s season as they helped a star studded green machine outfit team sweep all except of the major domestic trophies.

Other soccer legends to emerge from Chitungwiza include Frank “the dealer” Nyamukuta, former national team captain and gaffer of the 2017 local league championship winning side FC Platinum, Norman Mapeza, Gift Muzadzi, Lloyd Chitembwe and ex Dynamos midfielder Callisto Pasuwa who also guided the senior man’s soccer team to their third appearance at the 31st edition of the AFCON finals hosted by Gabon last year.

Also engraved in the annals of Chi-town’s hall of fame is the name of the late but immensely artistic musician whose lyrical wizardry saw him touring Europe in the early 1990s, something that was not a common occurrence.

He commanded large followings wherever he went to perform and in some parts of the continent, he played in giant stadiums some of which accommodated over 40 000 people.

In Mozambique, he met former president Joachim Chissano on a number of occasions and the veteran statesman ensured that the musician was ferried to concerts by the presidential helicopter. The late great musician was John “Mr Chitungwiza” Chibadura.

The list of other successful individuals from the town include musicians Mechanic Manyeruke, Alick Macheso, the late System Tazvida among others.

One common factor among these outstanding Chitungwiza sons and daughters who later rose to be revered national icons was their resilience and voracious hunger for success.

This hunger seems to have caught up with rising entrepreneur Memory Kamunhu-Farirayi, Operations manager at Magnum Tyres a Chitungwiza based enterprise specialising in selling and repairing motor vehicle tyres.

Born and bred in Zengeza, Kamunhu-Farirayi attended Moffat Primary school before proceeding to Goromonzi High School in 1999 for her ordinary levels.

A public relations professional, Kamunhu-Farirayi always harboured thoughts of running a successful business and making it in life.

Her baby steps in business were taken when she ventured into the transport business but the fruits reaped did not match the efforts exerted which forced her to abandon the project, opting to try her luck in selling and repairing tyres, a venture she jointly runs with her husband Bobby Chikomborero Farirayi.

Having gone through countless challenges at the infant stage of their business the pair can attest to the notion that the business world is a jungle that is impolite and unrelenting to the faint hearted.

An unforgiving economic climate threatened to stall their progress and choke the life out of their venture but they stood firm.

“Naturally, I am a fighter, so I took all the setbacks I faced as set ups for steps up the ladder of success,” said a bubbly Kamunhu-Farirayi in an interview with The Inspired Africa.

“Setting up our current business was not easy considering that our country was facing a serious economic crisis that affected businesses and I am thankful that God has been faithfully blessing the work of our hands,” she added.

Magnum Tyres which was established in  2010, started off with one employee, a compressor and a single tyre changer but over time it has grown and now boasts of 11 staffers, another branch in St Mary’s, and lucrative deals struck with the country’s leading tyre dealers like National Tyre Services.

“National Tyres have helped with branding our premises as well as supplying us with quality tyres at reasonable rates. We are also working with established organisations like Trentyre and Imex,” said Kamunhu-Farirayi and added: “We are steadily growing and enjoying every moment but there is a desire to continue rising to the top of the ladder even during these difficult times.

To be at the top she has had to import some tyres something which Kamunhu-Farirayi admits is a bit of a challenge due to the liquidity crunch currently bedevilling the nation.

However, all hope is not lost as the Zimbabwean economy seems to be slowly getting back on track after years of stumbling in the wilderness.

This is good news for people like Kamunhu-Farirayi who are eagerly waiting to take advantage of the situation.

Besides making it in business, she is also involved in charity work which has seen her extending her hand to the less privileged in her vicinity.

The short but highly energetic and passionate businesswoman possessing unrivalled business acumen, Kamunhu is a personification of the age old adage, dynamite comes in small packages.