Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Technology boost for Zimbabwe’s upcoming entrepreneurs

Technology boost for Zimbabwe’s upcoming entrepreneurs

Zimbabwe On Line (ZOL) is one of the pioneers who brought technological advances to the people of Zimbabwe.
They have invested millions of dollars in technological advancement despite the fragile economic environment they are operating in.


ZOL Chief Executive Officer Dennis Marandure indicated that the company has reached a milestone after it unveiled a product enabling ultra fast fiber internet at US$39 a month.

But there is still plenty of ground to cover as the leafy northern suburbs are the most covered while the rest of the country is yet to be covered.

“As the leading Internet Service Provider in Zimbabwe, we are aware of our responsibility in this internet ecosystem to be at the forefront of enabling access to high speed internet to more people and homes” Marandure said.

“Broadband communications is increasingly becoming the pivotal technological innovation in the 21st century which has brought dramatic impact on our society. Internet is the greatest tool of communications invented so far” he added.

“While mobile phone based internet has added convenience to connectivity it has limited value enabling productivity use of the internet that our students, entrepreneurs and business executives use.

“Today young people have a sense of empowerment and a craving for new technology and as such have basically transformed this technology into ‘a basic human need” he said.

Marandure was in America for 12 years as a senior executive at Verizon, a big American broadband and telecoms company.
He also worked for IBM USA, Middle East and Africa Lucent Technologies at various levels.

“I learnt a lot that cover operations, revenue recognition and delivery of excellence, and customer experience in the digital age” he indicates.

“In building the first urban network in Zimbabwe which provides bandwidth speeds of up to 20 mbps in number of centres, it is a marathon not a sprint and we are working tirelessly to reach all parts of the country” he added.