Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Traditionally used by African women to protect their beautiful skin.

Traditionally used by African women to protect their beautiful skin.

In our 3 previous articles, we mentioned several things that you can do to get your skin ready for summer. Diet, exercise, vitamins and good skincare products are all part of the process. While taking all of these into consideration, we’d like to share some tidbits on a few of the products that MatsiMela Home Spa has formulated to assist you in taking really good care of your skin.

Baobab Range
The Baobab tree is fondly called the “Tree of Life”. The kernels contained within the Baobab fruit pod yield a rich, golden scented oil traditionally used by African women to protect their beautiful skin against the harsh African savannah environment. The oil has strong natural moisturizing properties and is commonly used to both prevent and cure dry skin conditions of the face and body. Baobab oil contains omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids that contribute towards the maintenance of healthy skin. The lavender oil included in the Baobab Range may relieve pain from tension headaches, anxiety, depression and emotional stress. Lavender essential oil is also known to assist restful sleep. Its antiseptic and anti-fungal properties make it a sensible addition to any body care regime.

boabab tree

Marula Nut Range
Rich in antioxidants and olemic acid, this natural oil is cold pressed from the nut of the marula fruit. Marula oil is rich in components necessary for healthy skin, such as antioxidants, vitamins E and C, and olemic acid. It has free radical scavenging properties as well as a high concentration of palmitic acid, which forms a protective coating on the skin’s surface. Because of this, it is a great ingredient for dry skin. The fennel oil included in the Marula Nut Range is known to be a remedy for nausea and is also used to assist in weight loss because of its diuretic effect that helps to disperse cellulite. It has cleansing and toning effects on the skin, helping with bruises, sorting out overly oily skin and may even assist in the fight against wrinkles.

Ginger & Lime Range
Awaken your mind & body with MatsiMela’s fresh Ginger & Lime Summer variant made with pure Ginger oil.Ginger oil is obtained from the root of the herb Zingiber Officinale. The health benefits of ginger root oil can be attributed to its antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, stimulating and aphrodisiac properties. Lime in itself is a brilliant tonic and has many attributes such as; toning up muscles, tissues and skin as well as assisting with circulation – helping you retain your youth! Our combination of ginger & lime may also reduce pain of muscles and joints and if used as an exfoliation in mind – may just assist in the fight against cellulite ~ getting you right and ready for the warmer months ahead!

ginger and lime

Rooibos and Honey Range
Rooibos tea is a naturally organic indigenous tea and is full of anti-oxidants, which can assist in slowing the aging process. Rooibos tea contains the minerals copper, iron, potassium and alpha-hydroxy – an excellent component for the maintenance of healthy skin.
The rosemary oil included in the Rooibos and Honey Range has a pronounced action on the brain and the central nervous system and is wonderful for clearing the mind and promoting mental awareness. It helps with headaches, migraines, neuralgia, mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion, and the antiseptic action of rosemary oil is especially suitable for relieving pain associated with rheumatism, arthritis, muscular pain and gout. The diuretic properties of rosemary oil are useful for reducing water retention during menstruation, and may also assist with obesity and cellulite.

ginger and honey

Litchi and Rose Range
Combined with the Litchi and Rose Range is Centella Asiatica Extract. Centella is a plant extract that has direct influence on connective tissue, stimulating rapid and healthy growth of particular tissue components. Collagen 1 is the most abundant type of collagen present in human skin and connective tissue. The healing process induced by Centella is linked to the stimulation activity on Collagen 1 synthesis.

Red Berry Range
This range includes Horse Chestnut Extract. Horse chestnut boosts circulation and aids in the detox process. It also balances circulation in the skin, thereby promoting not only a clear skin, but an even complexion and good skin tone. The natural saponins contained within the horse chestnut plant have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Warm Orange and Ginger Range
This range contains pure ginger oil, which has a stimulating effect on the heart and on circulation, creating a feeling of warmth and well-being and restoring vitality, especially for those feeling the cold in winter. It is sweet, spicy, woody and warm.

ginger and orange

For these and more of the wonderful ranges that Matsimela Home Spa has to offer, visit our website Or shop instore.

We wish you all a wonderful end to Winter and a fantastic fun-filled Spring and Summer.