Sunday 18 April 2021
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Waterford Golf and River Estate: embracing the concept of investing in property.

Waterford Golf and River Estate: embracing the concept of investing in property.


Gated communities and golf estates are gaining popularity in South Africa, with thousands of acres earmarked for multi-million rand property developments transforming otherwise sleepy areas like the Vaal into ‘mini-cities’.

There is, however, a growing trend among South Africans to buy properties for investment purposes. More and more families are acquiring properties, this time not for traditional family use, but as an investment vehicle or as part of the Private Residence Club concept.

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In recent years, many South Africans are embracing the concept of investing in property rather than traditional avenues like shares or other financial savings to secure an income on their retirement. There are four main categories of investment property: a holiday home, a home for your children or family or even a business property. Either way, a property purchased purely for investment, is a sure capital investment or a source of regular income, or both. This has led to a phenomenal growth in property development, breathing air into an otherwise reluctant economy.

One such investment destination is the Waterford Golf and River Estate. A flagship of the Vaal renaissance, this esoteric development captures the very essence of property investment. Situated along the quiet and beautiful Vaal River, just after the famous Millionaires Bend, it continues to be a major draw card to investors due to its close proximity to Gauteng; spectacular scenery to the much touted serene environment. It’s an integral part of South Africa’s first “post-apartheid” city along the Vaal River with the R11 billion Vaal City Project initiated by the Gauteng government in 2015.

Carefully designed to blend in to the exquisite environment, a truly exquisite piece of land it offers a 24-hour security systems and guard-patrolled electric fencing.Perched at an ideal elevation, the sprawling 30ha Waterford Estate boasts of panoramic river views and feeling of space on one of the best view sites on the Vaal River. Waterford exhibits some of the finest golf estate architecture in South Africa, featuring sophisticated Quinton/Warburton African contemporary designer homes with superior designer finishes and features. On offer are units ranging from one to five bedrooms comprising single and double storey. The only golf estate in the area with golf and river views and water sports, one can literally enjoy the best of both worlds in one secure estate.

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A safe and easy access to the N1 highway is an additional that cannot be ignored.The paved roads lead to lovely apartments where you can entertain friends with sundowners on covered pool terraces while savoring magnificent vistas over beautifully manicured lawns to the willow lined river beyond. The beautifully landscaped gardens, complemented by picturesque walkways and picnic sites, are now more of a rarity than ever before. Families can spend time together boating, skiing, sailing, fishing, golfing or just walking through the landscaped gardens. In addition, they afford home-owners the luxury of space.

A relatively novel concept at Waterford is the Waterford Estate Private Residence Club (PRC). The Waterford Private Residence Club has been modeled on a global concept which has been adapted and improved to provide members with an extensive selection of some of the most spectacular luxury residences and services around the world. Their network of partners all work together to transform the concept of a vacation property into an exclusive luxurious lifestyle. The Waterford Estate Private Residence Club (PRC) provides a unique concept to both the discerning investor and seasoned traveler. “The Waterford Private Residence Club is an alternative to “having it all”. It allows you to enjoy your holiday, appreciate your Membership, and travel the world in style, creating a lasting impression while the rest can only look on in envy. The fact that demand almost always outpaces supply gives value and prestige to the Club Membership offering that the Private Residence Club embodies,” says Project Director Rob Hulme.“We thought that with the economic climate people would find it more cost effective to share accommodation”.

Independently rated as the premier estate on the Vaal River, the estate accommodates most purchasers’ desire to be close to amenities by offering coffee shops, pre-schools, grocery stores and schools -all in one estate. This means that residents can live and play in the estate without the dreaded daily commute. Plus, there is a growing demand in recent years from individuals who want to make the estate their primary residences.

Then, of course, there is the eco-aspect. The environment has been at the heart of the planning, design, construction, and operations of buildings with several central, foremost considerations: energy use, water use, indoor environmental quality, material section and the building’s effects on its site. The estate use vast amounts of water in keeping the fairways well-groomed and irrigated.

According to Hulme, trends indicate buyers are becoming increasingly environmentally-conscious and homes that are more “green” seem to sell quicker and often at a premium price. Buying is a decision, after all, driven by emotion and choices can easily be swayed by eco-friendly elements.

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It is interesting to note changes in purchasing behaviour as the eco-friendly buzz gathers momentum. In developed countries, residents are incentivized to start recycling and use grey water such as bathwater for their garden irrigation and to collect rain for later uses. Already buyers are being swayed by solar heating and energy-saving light bulbs. There is also the concern over higher water tariffs, which look set to increase substantially. One wonders whether purchasers in this price range will consider this cost in their purchasing decision.One of the biggest considerations for South African property buyers’ choices is security. Given the high number of burglaries and other crimes reported, buyers are becoming increasingly particular about living in secure, patrolled properties. Who can blame them given the horrific stories that have become part of our lives? The management at Waterford has, in line with these trends, invested heavily in security technology to ensure all residents are protected round the clock. To start with, there is a 24 hour patrol security service that ensures, less welcome elements are kept at bay. To ensure residents enjoy the best of lock-up-and-go lifestyle, there is a dedicated Estate Manager in residence to oversee the smooth delivery of services.The next 10 years is going to be eventful and full of promise. Already plans for Phase 2 are at an advanced stage. This will offer apartment type accommodation at a R2 million price point.

Why Waterford Estate for a Private Residence Club?
Unparalleled weekend and holiday getaway experience.
A weekend on the river feels like a week long holiday.
Half a kilometre of splendid river frontage on the widest part of the river (700m) and which enjoys low traffic.
Downstream from Millionaires’ Bend.
Sunny north facing – the Free State side of the river provides year-round usage as it is warmer in winter.
Panoramic views.
Country environment – outside (west) of the Vaal triangle air pollution corridor.
A safe haven close to major cities – depart Johannesburg Friday afternoon and return Monday morning!
Top-end of prestige market featuring exquisite Villa designs.
Independently rated as the Premier Estate on the Vaal River.
Waterford exhibits some of the finest golf estate architecture in SA, featuring sophisticated Quinton/Warburton African Contemporary designer homes with superior designer finishes and features.
Unique indoor/outdoor living opening onto expansive covered entertainment patios.
Gently sloping river bank ensures that all homes have north facing panoramic river views and easy access to the river.
The Private Residence Club lifestyle “investment”
Leisure seekers are re-discovering the Vaal River – the Vaal River renaissance.
Demand for Golf Course estates.
New demand from commuting clients utilizing Waterford as their primary residence.
Limited supply gives value to the Club Membership offering that the Private Residence Club embodies.

Lovemore Nyamanhindi is a writer, copywriter and Training Consultant. He has a passion for the written word and has writen for several publications based in Johannesburg.