Sunday 18 April 2021
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Young entrepreneur, ventures into the business world

Young entrepreneur, ventures into the business world

It would seem that link between a tomatoes vendor boy and a budding entrepreneur is vague and far-fetched. That an African teenager from a high density suburb hustling for school fees would be connected to a young African seeking to make a mark in his preferred field.


“I do not recognise my background as soon to be rags to riches but rather an involvement of innovation and determination, culminating in vending into an inspired world of entrepreneurship” says Tshakalisa Dube, 27 year old entrepreneur.

“My business background would be incomplete without mentioning my days as a young vendor alongside my brother and sisters. Where a sense of business was born as one had to know how to maximise profit for the benefit of the family” he reckoned.

Dube’s fascinating journey from ordinary backgrounds into the hectic world of business sees him lead one of the emerging companies in South Africa as Managing Director.

JTG Business Consulting is one company that shows perseverance by a son of Africa in order to make it into the modern world.
“Whether it was house to house vending or sitting in a designated point where passerby’s would buy the wares offered, it all involved salesmanship, business savvy and a knack for numbers. It was the perfect starting point” he added.

I began to grasp the technical aspects of the business world at KPMG Chartered Accountants while I was doing my articles for five years.KPMG provides audit, tax and advisory services for clients across the corporate world.This is where Dube did cut his teeth into the business world and the idea of starting his own company began to take shape.
After spending five years at KPMG, he moved to Bosal to become Financial Manager.

“After more than two years of service, I felt was now ready and more prepared to start something of my own.“I had to discover within myself to lay a drive of my own destiny and thus I grew out of my comfort zone of employment” Dube indicated.

Now JTG Business Consulting created in 2015, has become a major player in the accounting and business consulting sector.Keeping African values that included integrity, honesty and respect for individuals to delivered quality service managed him to retain his first few clients.

“JTG Business Consulting has grown and is still growing as it now has presence in KwaZulu Natal, Western Cape and Limpopo provinces with head office in Midrand, Gauteng.

Starting something is never easy.
“Finding competent staff who share same vision is another challenge that takes a lot for someone else to run with your vision with the same passion.

“The sacrifice and commitment needed in the first days of getting the business off the ground can be exhausting .It is easier to register and start a company than to sustain it,”

Dube bemoans lack of access to resources as an issue that affects upcoming entrepreneurs when starting but u have bigger picture in mind.

For him’ he did made it into the real competitive world by means of vending into the world of entrepreneurship.As Africans it is important to develop ourselves with the human resource to ensure we are up to date with all requirements.

“We just need to open up opportunities in disadvantaged communities for the young access education that will enable them to be eligible to be part of the accounting field.

“Value I gained at firms like KPMG cannot really be quantified. It is an invaluable experience that equips a person in life.“In the next five years JTG Business Consulting will be a major player in the accounting and business sector not only in South Africa, but on the whole African continent” he continued.

The G on the company’s name stands for Grace and he reckons grace as what has brought his business this far.

JTG Business Consulting seeks to chart new courses, break barriers and walk a path not walked before. Expert Solutions, personalized!

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